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1 Caleb May Jr.
Caleb May, Jr.
2 Caleb May Sr. Original Headstone
Caleb May
3 Cynthia Marie Bays Poynter d/o G W Bays
Cynthia Margaret Bays
4 Hattie Mae Loftin Bays
Hattie Mae Loftin
5 Headstone for Thomas Jefferson Davis
Photos of Great Grandpa Davis's grave in Animas, NM. Hugh Glenn Sutton took them. At least one of his sons, John A.,is buried near him and possibly a grandson as well. 
Thomas Jefferson Davis
6 Henry Clay Bays s/o G W Bays
Henry Clay Bays
7 Isham Bays Original Headstone
Isham Bays
8 John and Marietta Doty
Marietta Trinvilla Bays
John Doty
9 John William Bays
John William Bays
10 Mary Jane Bays d/o G W Bays
Mary Jane Bays
11 Matilda Margaret Bays
Matilda Margaret Bays
12 Original Headstone for G W Bays
George Washington Bays
13 P.B. Bays and wife Trinvella Doyle
Pleasant Berry Bays
Trinvella Doyle
14 Replacement Headstone for Caleb May Sr and wife
Caleb May
Margaret (Margaretta) Patrick
15 Replacement Headstone for G. W. Bays
George Washington Bays
16 Sarah May wife of G. W. Bays
Sarah (Sally) May
17 Wayne and Edith Brooke
Wayne Bays Brooke
Edith Casement
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